I18nFields for Django

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This is yet another way to store multi-lingual content in Django. In contrast to other options like django-havd, django-modeltranslation or django-parler it does not require additonal database tables and you can reconfigure the available languages without any changes to the database schema. In constrast to nece, it is not specific to PostgreSQL.

How does it work then? It stores JSON data into a TextField. Yes, this is kinda dirty and violates the 1NF. This makes it harder for non-django based programs to interact directly with your database and is not perfectly efficient in terms of storage space. It also lacks the ability to do useful lookups, searches and indices on internationalized fields. If one of those things are important to you, this project is not for you, please choose one of the ones that we linked above.

However if those limitations are fine for you, this provides you with a very lightweight, easy to use and flexible solution. This approach has been in use in pretix for quite a while, so it has been tested in production. The package contains not only the model fields, but also form fields and everything you need to get them running.